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Become an IslandStays Travel Consultant

Become an IslandStays Remote Travel Consultant
(work from home)

Do you have a travel industry experience as a travel consultant - either at a tour operator or at a travel agency? Do you have a passion for travel?  Would you like to work from home?  


Have you travelled extensively?  In particular, have you travelled to some of the Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Madagascar or Reunion?  Have you travelled to the Maldives, Bali or Thailand?  How about the Greek Islands? 


If so, here is a remote work opportunity may be for you.  Please note this is a commission-only position (just like an estate agent)

Here is a fabulous business opportunity to work for IslandStays as a Remote Travel Consultant working from home. 


You can:

  • Work from home

  • Work the hours you want

  • Work for an established travel brand

  • Work with the exciting niche product of island holiday packages

  • Earn substantial commission on every sale

  • Please note this is a commission only position (like an estate agent)

IslandStays sells a wide range of island holidays to destinations such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Reunion, Maldives, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Thailand,


You can work the hours that you want.  You will earn in proportion to your effort, skills and experience. You need to be a determined, self-starter who likes the idea of working from home!  We give you the product, systems and tools to help you make this happen!

NB:  IslandStays only works with established Tour Operators who book and issue all our air tickets, transfers and resort accommodation.  We do not issue air tickets alone as our business model is designed to avoid all the complex rules, penalties and securities required to issue air tickets.  The benefit to you is that our product is simple and easy to sell and process.  No risk involved. 

Here is an outline of what we are offering

  • You can work remotely from home

  • You will have access to an existing website and exciting product range

  • We give you your own landing and profile page on our IslandStays website

  • We give you an IslandStays email address

  • We provide on-going training in how to be a remote online travel agent, including digital marketing tips and product training

  • We will send you regular training & motivational videos & articles

  • We will send you regular e-flyers of product special offers for you to send to your contacts and to promote on social media

  • We release frequent Special Offers to help boost your sales

  • Our island holiday packages usually include flights, transfers & accommodation with a chosen meal & drinks plan from B&B to All-Inclusive

  • Your commission will be paid after each sale is concluded and payment has been made to IslandStays by the Tour Operator used to issue the island holiday package

What you must do

  • You must promote our services on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and others

  • You must forward our special offer emails to your network of contacts.

    • Please do not spam people.  Emails must only be sent to people in your network who may be interested in a holiday

    • We recommend setting up a Mailchimp email marketing campaign to email special offers to your data base



  • You will earn an income in proportion to your skills & efforts

  • You will earn commission on every booking you make with our supplier tour operators. 

  • You will earn 60% of the gross commission on all bookings you make with our suppliers

    • IslandStays retains 40% to pay for all of its marketing and online presence​

  • IslandStays gross commissions are as follows:

    • Preferred partner commissions are 12% on land and 9% on air

    • Other supplier commissions are 10% on land and 7% on air

    • NB:  Some suppliers use airfares where no commissions are due and we earn only on the land portion



  • You must promote your services and handle all of your sales - generated via your own quotes and bookings.

  • We will send you regular special offers to email to all your contacts

  • Our suppliers will add you to their mailing lists and also send you regular specials to promote

  • Copies of all bookings must be sent to head office (our suppliers will also send us copies)

  • All payments from clients must be paid directly from the client to the tour operator making the booking (such as Beachcomber, Holiday Factory, World Leisure Holidays, Club Med, Thompsons Holidays, Perfect Destinations and other suppliers.) 

  • No money is to be taken by a consultant.  Failure to follow this process (i.e. if you keep client money & do not pay to the tour operator) will lead to prosecution and expulsion from the IslandStays group.

  • All commissions due to you will be paid within 48 hours of our suppliers paying commissions to IslandStays

  • You are responsible for your sales and must act with the required honesty and integrity.

  • We do not issue air tickets alone, but rather sell holiday packages as supplied by our supplier tour operators

  • Our model is designed to be easy, simple and safe to use - for you and our customers

Benefits of joining IslandStays

  • Working from home

  • Working any hours you like

  • Earning a commission income which can be higher than a salary

  • Working with a well-known & established brand

  • Working with a niche brand (island holidays)

  • Working with one of the biggest selling products in the South African holiday travel market

  • Getting your own contact page on our website

  • Getting regular emails of island travel special offers to send to your prospects

  • Registration as an IslandStays Consultant with our partner tour operator suppliers

  • Visits and training form our partner tour operator reps

  • Opportunities to go on Educational / Familiarization trips to our island destinations as offered by our Tour Operators


Preferred Requirements for selection


  • Previous experience as a travel consultant (either at a retail agency or wholesale tour operator)

  • Suitable interest & enthusiasm for island holiday travel

  • Suitable work experience with good references that we can check

  • Suitable travel experience to assist our customers - we are looking for candidates who have traveled extensively - to several of the Indian Ocean Islands we offer - such as Mauritius, Seychelles,  Zanzibar, Madagascar, Reunion, Bali, Maldives, and Thailand

  • Good sales and marketing abilities

  • Reliable references

  • Reliability, honesty and integrity

  • Availability to dedicate substantial working time to being a successful sales consultant

  • Ability to manage time and life to work on one’s own

  • Ability to work on a commission-only basis where your income will fluctuate

  • Must be able to communicate well with clients and be able to sell our product

  • Must have a computer at home, preferably a laptop

  • Must be computer literate and able to use most common programmes

  • Must be able to setup email to host your new IslandStays email address

  • Must be in possession of your own cell phone to enable mobile communication

  • Must be in possession of some form of phone to make long calls to our partner tour operators to get quotes

  • Must be in possession of fibre or ADSL line for good internet connection

  • Must be able to accommodate low earnings at start-up that will gradually increase as sales come in

  • Must be able to work with a fluctuating income (sales based) which can be more than a salary

NB: Set-up as a remote travel consultant with IslandStays is for free and there are no hidden fees.

IslandStays has won the award for being the Top Beachcomber Travel Agent within the Serendipity Worldwide Group (SWG) for two years in a row.

Did you know that Mauritius is one of the most popular holiday destinations for South Africans?  You can help your clients secure the best deal on an island holiday to Mauritius or one of the other Indian Ocean islands!   Call us as if you are keen and we can have a chat!  We would love to help you become an IslandStays ITC. 

NB:  To apply, please email your CV (with references) & letter of motivation to 

Or call us on WhatsApp / mobile on +27 (0) 82 871 5980.

We look forward to welcoming you to the IslandStays team.

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