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Bali Island Information

Bali offers an incredible wide variety of attractions and there are countless reasons why one should come to the Island of the Gods and enjoy an unforgettable holiday. The welcoming nature of the Balinese, the incredible value for money ratio for almost anything the island has to offer (particularly accommodation, food and spas) the unique, vibrant and alive culture, the physical beauty of the island, and the year-round pleasant climate make Bali a place regarded by many visitors as the “Ultimate Island Holiday Destination”.Is Bali still authentic? What our editor has to say about that.

The friendly people and the overall safety guarantee visitors a totally relaxing stay. Bali is easy and safe. And if you respect some basic rules you will not get into trouble and you can roam around on this beautiful Indonesian Island without problems and enjoy a lifestyle atmosphere that is indeed difficult to describe. Check out the hotels, restaurants, attractions. You can find everything your heart desires – Bali is perfect backpackers and super luxury holiday seekers. The amount of choices at hand can be quite overwhelming. You might look for on of the best surfing experience Indonesia has to offer. Or you seek a relaxing, luxurious time out. You look to discover a different culture authentically. Stay in the best hotels and resorts and pay little? Get pampered in the best spas in Asia or get relaxing foot massages in one of the many small and really cheap spas that are scattered all over the island? All is there!


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