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All-Inclusive Holiday Packages to Mauritius with Beachcomber Tours

Mauritius is synonymous with upmarket, tropical island holidays. For 70 years Beachcomber has welcomed travellers to eight of the world’s top beachfront sites. Superb service, legendary hospitality, an extensive range of free sports and leisure activities and exceptional golfing facilities are among the elements that define the globally recognised, much-loved Beachcomber brand. Beachcomber remains true to the history and culture of the island and these treasured beaches. We are committed to maintaining their beauty in addition to wowing our guests. We are the first and only choice for the discerning beach loving traveller who is dreaming of a holiday in Mauritius.

Beachcomber Resorts

With eight of the finest beachfront locations in Mauritius and the benefit of warm temperatures year round, Beachcomber’s high-end resorts are the cream of the crop on the island.

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