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Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is renowned for its stunning diving sites, offering rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs. Here are some of the top resorts in Zanzibar that are well-known for their excellent scuba diving facilities:

  1. The Palms Zanzibar:

  • Location: South-east coast

  • Facilities: Offers personalized diving experiences and is close to some of the best dive sites. The resort provides PADI courses for all levels.

  1. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa:

  • Location: Paje Beach

  • Facilities: Has a professional dive center, offering a range of diving packages and courses. It is situated near the famous Mnemba Atoll.

  1. Breezes Beach Club & Spa:

  • Location: Bwejuu Beach

  • Facilities: Features a 5-star PADI dive center, allowing guests to explore various dive sites, including the vibrant coral gardens and the Blue Lagoon.

  1. Baraza Resort and Spa:

  • Location: Bwejuu Beach

  • Facilities: Another luxurious resort with a PADI dive center on-site. It offers diving trips to the Mnemba Atoll, one of the top diving spots in Zanzibar.

  1. Mnemba Island Lodge:

  • Location: Mnemba Atoll

  • Facilities: Offers exclusive and high-end diving experiences directly from the island. The dive sites around Mnemba Atoll are renowned for their clear waters and abundant marine life.

  1. Matemwe Lodge:

  • Location: Matemwe Beach

  • Facilities: Known for its proximity to Mnemba Atoll. The lodge provides diving excursions and PADI certification courses.

  1. The Residence Zanzibar:

  • Location: Kizimkazi

  • Facilities: Offers diving trips and courses through its in-house dive center. The resort is near some excellent dive sites in the southern part of Zanzibar.

  1. Zuri Zanzibar:

  • Location: Kendwa Beach

  • Facilities: Offers a range of diving activities and is close to several popular dive sites, including the reefs around Tumbatu Island.

These resorts not only provide luxurious accommodations and amenities but also have professional dive centers offering equipment rentals, diving courses, and guided trips to explore Zanzibar’s underwater treasures.

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